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  • Macular Support Holistic Alternative Retina Program
  • Macular Support Holistic Alternative Retina Program

Macular Support
Holistic Alternative
             Retina Program

The retina contains two types of receptors. Rods are designed to assist in locating moving objects and vision in low-light conditions. Cones are designed to detect color and fine detail.

Thus it is our cones that allow us to read and see colors. The cones are concentrated in the center of the retina where the light focuses. This is called the macula. The macula is the most sensitive part of the retina that allows the human eye to see images sharp.

Important disclaimer:

M-SHARP is NOT a treatment for macular degeneration, as only the FDA is legally able to make such claims.
The purpose of this article is to inform the reader about what natural elements the retina uses to stay healthy.

We do NOT make any claims as to whether M-SHARPTM is a treatment for any retinal disease; instead, we suggest that proper nutrition, epigenetic science and bionergetic information may support retinal health for the benefit of those suffering from retinal degenerative conditions such as macular degeneration, as a complement to any other conventional treatments being attempted.

Macular Support Holistic Alternative Retina Program

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