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  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye
             & Ocular Surface Disease

It is well established that there are two forms of Dry Eye – Evaporative Dry Eye and Aqueous Dry Eye. Most patients suffer from a combination of the two forms.

It is well established that there are two forms of Dry Eye – Evaporative Dry Eye and Aqueous Dry Eye. Most patients suffer from a combination of the two forms.

Our approach consists of addressing the causes that led you into your current eye condition, assisting your eyes and your body to correct itself.

Many doctors simply address the symptoms, using treatments that attempt to add more liquid to your tears, but without the complex natural oil, tears continue to evaporate faster than produced. Also, without addressing the internal body causes of dry eye, the symptoms come back as soon as you stop using adding tears.

       Tear Break Up
Time In Vivo

Dr. Arroyo has designed several protocols, customized for the particular uniqueness of each patient, addressing the cause of dry eye while also managing the symptoms promptly.

Dr. Arroyo uses a procedure designed to treat a very important factor causing Evaporative Dry Eye, blocked meibomian glands. By improving the proper flow, meibomian glands can restart the natural production of lipids (oils) most needed for a balanced, healthy tear film.

An innovative approach to dry eye disease involves the application of a special eye hydrating pads (EHC) applied to the closed eyes, with a mild, soothing pressure, encouraging your body to resume the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for your tear film.

Complete Dry Eye Jenvis Tear Analysis

Healthy Meibomian Glands


Subsequently, a special instrument is used to unclog, drain and open your meibomian glands, manually and painlessly, under topical anesthesia. The treatment is performed outpatient in the office and takes about 20-30 minutes to end.

You leave the office with your EHCs and a unique gel to be applied to your eyelids/eyelashes twice daily.

In addition, you may be prescribed specific prescription drops as well as natural supplements that the doctor will personalize for your particular needs. These will enhance your body's capabilities to lower body inflammation and most important, they are a powerful means to boost your ability to create long lasting health and a sense of well-being.


Find the cause of dry eye quickly and reliably. The JENVIS Dry Eye Report is an unique tool for doing this. After measurements are taken using the Keratograph® 5M and the slit lamp, your customer/patient receives an easy-to-grasp print-out. The Dry Eye Report combines screening and consultancy.

Patient with damaged meibomian glands

JENVIS Dry Eye Report 01

3 Tools for the
JENVIS Dry Eye Report
                                                     Here's How it Works

Drawing up a comprehensive Dry Eye Report entails filling out a questionnaire, measuring the LIPCOF using the slit lamp and taking four measurements using the Keratograph® 5M. Other nationally and internationally approved screening methods can be added with ease – numerous supplementary procedures ranging from eyelid blink frequency to staining are incorporated into the Keratograph® 5M.

Dry Eye
                                       (DEQ) What good would a screening be without history taking ? Commonly used questionnaires are incorporated into the Dry Eye Report on the Keratograph® 5M.
  • OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index) ƒ
  • McM (McMonnies)

You can choose your favourite one


JENVIS Dry Eye Report 02

JENVIS Dry Eye Report 03

A look through
the slit lamp

The slit lamp is the number one instrument when it comes to eye diagnostics. To draw up a comprehensive Dry Eye Report it is necessary to assess the LIPCOF (lid-parallel conjunctival folds). You enter the results into the Dry Eye Report on the Keratograph® 5M.


The practical tools provided by the Keratograph 5M help you perform comprehensive Dry Eye analysis. Analyzing the level of redness using R-Scan, measurement of tear meniscus height, tear film break-up time and meibography can all be performed with ease using the Keratograph® 5M. The result ? A comprehensive Dry Eye Report.


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