MigrainesNoMore® is a program where migraine sufferers discover for the first time how to teach their body to no longer produce migraines. We ask our patients, "If you could choose how many migraines you have, how many would you choose?"

Of course, the answer is a resounding, "ZERO! I would NEVER CHOOSE to have a migraine!" Our patients learn they actually do have the power to choose and that's what we help them discover and take control of in their own life.


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The prevailing medical "wisdom" is that migraines are a disease or a sickness condition where the body is doing something it is not supposed to do, and where mitigating pain killers and dangerous surgeries are the only treatments possible.

I have found it is just not true. Migraines are a defensive mechanism, a painful symptom that happens as a result of a chain of biochemical events in a body with specific genetic, metabolic and neurological situations. Such line up to create the perfect biological storm that produces the migraines.


We perform assessments and tests to determine a person's unique epigenetic code. Going back to the stadium analogy, this allows us to map each person's departure routes from the stadium, promoting more effective pathways, just like a road map shows an interstate or boulevard or a residential street.

Every person has their own unique code or blueprint. Once we know the person's code we use a holistic, non-invasive very specific sequential protocol that purportedly disrupts the underlying cascade of events that trigger the patient’s migraines.


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For many patients, the relief is near-instant. For others, it takes several weeks of declining frequency for the body to adjust. For more than 95% of the people I've seen in my practice, they are no longer having migraines within 12 weeks(90 days).

There is a small percentage of people who have this genetic chain reaction because they were exposed to a bio-toxin that we believe altered their genetic code and they were not born with the genetics that drive the problem.


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Julio-Arroyo-2020Welcome to our growing family of friends that share with us the passion for wellness, and non-invasive, drugless holistic healing.

If you or your loved one is suffering from migraines, this information can change your life. No one should live with a constant fear of a new painful episode.


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