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Finding an exceptional eye doctor can help you on your way to eye health. The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that a great eye doctor must have certain qualities beyond what any diploma or certificate can show. Understanding these qualities can help each visit become a fruitful and pleasant one. Here are the specific qualities that your eye doctor must possess.


Establishing a good doctor-patient relationship is important. Your eye doctor must set a patient-centered model in the practice. Clear, honest, accurate, and timely communication must happen at all times. This
means that your eye doctor must take the time to know your expectations and concerns. Outlining the available options and concepts must also happen. Revealing the results of diagnostic exams and treatments while considering the patient’s feelings is part of being a good communicator. These practices are ways of expressing respect to you while improving your safety and satisfaction.


You should take your time searching for your eye doctor. Finding out the doctor’s weekend availability, flexible scheduling, and friendly service are important before making your decision. The eye doctor must be able to answer your phone messages, emails, chat messages, or text messages. There should be a number for emergencies as well.


A great eye doctor must also be good at making decisions. Certainty is always a good trait to have when you need to resolve health problems. The treatment team may provide information regarding the patient’s situation. But the eye doctor will make the final decision. A great eye doctor can analyze situations well and, if necessary, ask for good advice from a colleague. Making good decisions can yield good care results and a high level of patient safety.


Good leadership qualities must come naturally for an exceptional eye doctor. This involves encouraging patients to go through with their regular checkups and treatments. It also entails supporting and guiding the team when necessary. Motivating others must be a fixed part of every great eye doctor. This is an effective way for the practice to achieve high care standards and client satisfaction.


A great eye doctor should be dedicated. The best outcome for each patient is always the goal. Working with the patient allows the eye doctor to figure out what makes a patient calm and comfortable. This is important during diagnostic tests and treatments.


You will be able to tell if the eye doctor is a true professional by talking to the doctor’s patients and colleagues. The affection they have for the eye doctor shows how friendly and down-to-earth the health
provider is. This healthcare professional must regard each individual as an important part of the practice. Respectfulness often leads to better relationships with the treatment team and patients.

You can never go wrong if your eye doctor has the mentioned qualities. At Eye Health Consultants, we always make sure that our patients get the highest level of care so they can achieve their eye health goals. You can visit our clinic in Spring, Texas, for a one-on-one consultation. Call 281-419-3355 to schedule an appointment or know more about our exceptional eye care products and services.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our specialty eye care home. Eye Health Consultants provides patients with premium eye care and management of eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Anterior Segment Eye Disease, Pink Eye Treatment, Dry Eye Syndrome, Macular Degeneration, and Non-Surgical Vision Correction.